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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


In order to complete harder problems. I felt the need to build up libraries. For example, I have been building the Disjoint Set Union Find algorithm multiple times. While it is easy, from time to time I still make mistakes (for example, the infinite loop due to forgetting to check if they are the same set before doing union)

I should build reusable libraries, or at least code templates that I can reuse, primarily to avoid mistakes. Mistake are costly. Coding is fun, but debugging is just work.

To that end, I am digging up my old code and start publishing them on GitHub. Here is an C# implementation of the AVL tree. I am planning to translate it to C++ and start to use it in my next problem.

The code should be fairly readable and well tested using randomized data and invariant checking at every operation. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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